Mondiola of Garfagnana

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 12:43

Cured Meats and Cheeses

The history of Mondiola dates back to ancient times. This salami is in fact always been produced since the family farmers have started breeding and slaughter pigs. In those days it was common to let this salami to dry, close to large fire places of farmhouses. The Mondiola is U-shaped closed with a bay leaf in the center at the point of junction of the folded ends. Mondiola dough has a smooth texture with medium cuts and deep red color. The scent is spicy but pleasant. For the production are use the fronts parts of the pig, the richest in blood that gives it its characteristic pronounced red color. The lean parts come mainly from the back and for a minimum part from the shoulder, while the fatty part from cheek and bacon. The mixture, obtained from a medium grinding meat, is mixed with salt, pepper, local spices, cloves and, in some cases, red wine. After being well mixed the dough is seasoned into pork casings, the so-called “chitterlings”, taken from the large intestine of the animal. The salami is bent U-shaped and the two ends connected, after entering a bay leaf in the middle. During benting some protuberances can appear due to the consistency of the skin of the casing. The Mondiola must be consumed within 4 -5 months from production in order to better appreciate the organoleptic characteristics.

Its typical shape of a “U”, which holds a laurel leaf, distinguishes Mondiola, a fresh salami traditional Garfagnana. To prepare for using the lean parts of the front, the cup and the shoulder, more ‘substantial and rich blood to give the sausage a deep red color, and the fat bacon and cheek.
The expert hands of butchers beat the meat with a knife to give the dough a medium-grained and irregular, the tan with salt pepper and other local spices in varying amounts depending on location and personal taste. The dough is wrapped in natural hog casings in sizes ranging from 500 to 700 grams, the two ends ‘together within a closed aromatic bay leaf and peppercorns forming so’ the characteristic U-shape that retains its softness and lose less liquid during aging.
At one time, after preparing the mixture, the sausage was dried by purchasing homes next to the fireplace so a more intense flavor, today is ripened in special cells for a period of one month. To taste the best and appreciate so ‘the perfect blend of spices and meat despite consists of a salami and’ best to consume in the first four or five months after its production.