Alderico and the cured meat of Family Triglia

Artigiani del Gusto

Gombitelli is a small village between Camaiore and Lucca, just 20 kilometers from the city, a really pristine, rich in history and tradition. One among them its tongue. Gombitelli is in fact a ‘linguistic island’ where they speak an original dialect of Nordic origine, probably led by a group of German blacksmiths took to Italy with Charles V. The inhabitants learned the German language and gave birth to a very specifically idiom, even today spoke by the eldest of the country. With the industrial development they gradually abandoned their craft and today there are only two families carrying this ancient tradition, one of which the family Triglia.

And another, more greedy, that sees committed from 1797 with dedication and passion in pork processing, for the production of sausages well known throughout the region. To determine the reputation and the high quality of these products also contributes to the strategic location of the country, about 450 meters above sea level, protected on the east by mounts Prana, Gombitelli is located in a hilly area ventilated and light, between fir trees and chestnut trees and thus offers the perfect climate for the production of those traditional sausages that bring to the table the flavors and aromas of traditional unmistakable Tuscany.


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