A crown of hills surrounds and protects the plain of Lucca.
As neighbors, they reveal unique character due to small variations in climate, soil, of History. The most popular products, oil and wine reproduce all these delicate shades adding flavorings, now a hint of salty now full sun and colors of the many shades of green gold of Lucca.
The Monti Pisani, shady and wild that have hosted the Saints and Warriors, the hill of Monte Carlo, with its ancient rural village dominated by the Medici fortress, the Colline Lucchesi beautiful Renaissance villas with parks and flower gardens than a thousand varieties of camellia and other rare plants , and the hills of Versilia overlooking the sea, caressed by sea breezes and dotted with small churches that accompany the route of the Via Francigena.
Along the hilly, bordered by high walls in stone, in the woods originating oaks are arranged in plain view villas historic farmhouses surrounded by the beautiful design of the hills, rows of vines and terraces of olive trees that announced the Tuscany in the world.
Frantoiano, Leccino, muraiolo, are the most common varieties of olives, and in Versilia an excellent cultivar, olive quercetana, gives a savory oil, excellent with fish dishes tastier.
The wine production, however small, is quite diverse productions that use blends historical and recently imported for the production of DOC wines and excellent reserves to buy directly from the farm or choose stocked in the wine lists of the best local restaurants, with vinsanti of excellence, “sparkling” and grappa.

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