EVO Oil and Wine

The cultivation of olives in Tuscany has ancient origins, apart from the legends of the olive in Etruria, it was demonstrated that even before the seventh century BC in Tuscany were produced small amounts of olive oil used mainly for lighting. Lucca has a special relationship with the oil and the olive tree, as olive trees are part of the landscape and the oil trade has always been a valuable source of income for the people of Lucca. Already at the time of the free Commune, an extremely modern constitution, had regulated the production, processing, controlled and guaranteed their authenticity. From the perspective of the varietal olive-groves of olive groves Lucca consisted of about 70% from the cultivar “Frantoio”, to about 20% by the cultivar “Leccino”, for the remaining portion of the cultivar “Maurino” and “Pendolino”. The product is characterized by a golden yellow color with green highlights and a slightly sweet flavor with appreciable, but light sensations of bitter and spicy.