The meadow of the pasture of Puntato


Before the first snow arrives in the Apuane Alps, the Associazione Emozionambiente proposes a last walk on the day of the Immacolata to the meadows of the ancient mountain pasture of Puntato, a fascinating and timeless territory that will enchant you with its magic.

The route follows ancient mule tracks between majestic beech forests and breathtaking views, along lush valleys and charming villages, a memory of a world that has disappeared but never forgotten, to discover the ancient pasture of Puntato, immersed in a bucolic atmosphere, enchanting witness of the hard work of the alp, with pastoralism, charcoal-fired, chestnut harvesting.

Those who have walked the path at least once will remember with pleasure the wide views that open up, from time to time, on the nearby peaks: Monte Corchia, Monte Freddone, Pizzo delle Saette and Pania della Croce. It is an unspoiled area and can only be reached on foot, on the CAI path.

The ancient alpine village of uninhabited stone huts of Puntato, stands in a meadow between 920 - 1150 m above sea level, dominated by a majestic panorama of peaks.

The walk is easy, with a slight drop of 400 meters, and is suitable for everyone. The walking time is about 6 hours and halfway around there is a stop for lunch at the "La Quiete" refuge.

For information contact Bartolomeo at number 329 3618235