The province of Lucca is a small microcosm, from the coast to the inland, where alternate four different landscapes.
Long sandy beaches, dotted with piers and harbors from which very early every morning sail the fishing boats. They leave early, so that at eight the market stalls are already rich of fresh fishes.
Observing the hinterland from on high you can see an expanse of rectangles stuck between them, striped from cultures that populate the countryside. Going a little high you meet the gentle hillsides, punctuated by low trees and crossed by long rows of vines. Brigh thills, inhabited by small villages and that produce many products that will feed the basket of Lucca. Even higher Finally, the horizon line is marked by the white and sharp peaks that are part of the chain of the Apuan Alps, and by peaks more smoothed by the wind, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Here, on the pastures, the flocks and herds spend the summer months, higher of the chestnut woods, over the expanses of golden spelt, in the most wild and unspoiled nature.

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