Lardo of Camaiore

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 12:48

Cured Meats and Cheeses

The “lardo” of Camaiore is a typical local salami greatly appreciated by gourmets, looking white with pink streaks, made from the fat taken from theback of the pig, with a maximum size of 500/1000 gr. It is a product of traditional and rural culture, since almost all the families in winter made the tanning of the pork, and the bacon represented the most widespread culinary uses for the fattest part of the pig. The fatty part of the back of the pig, the two halves of the left and right that are obtained by cutting the pig along the thread of the back, are cut into regular pieces of the weight of 800/1000 g and a thickness of 3-6 cm. The parts obtained, covered with a rich layer of salt, pepper garlic and rosemary, are laid on boards ofmarble slightly inclined to allow the elimination of the water formed during the curing period. After this treatment lard loses someinitial humidity and simultaneously enhances the aromas and tastes provided by the spices. After a short seasoning, generally about40 days, which makes it compact and dry as required by the school of Camaiore, the bacon is ready to be sold. It is used cut into very thin slices accompanied by toasted or fresh bread, and as a seasoning for soups and dishes. It is sold directly at the grocery or at the butcher shops.