There are no certain testimonies about the origins of criscioletta, the dish is simple, certainly conceived at the tables of poor families of Garfagnana and handed down orally. However, it remains the recognition of the homeland traditionally identified in the town of Cascio.

It is made with a mixture of durum wheat flour, corn or millet flour, water, salt. It is an excellent substitute for bread and a classic mountain street food.

The "Criscioletta", can be tasted naturally, accompanied with bacon added at the beginning of cooking, or with a slice of good cow's cheese.
In Cascio during the weekend before the day of San Lorenzo, patron saint of the village, there is the traditional village festival dedicated to the "crisciolette".

What you need:
200 gr of maize flour
700 gr wheat flour type 1
200 gr of millet flour
a pinch of salt and spring water

how you cook it:
Two "cooked", or "lyrics". The discs are made of iron with a diameter of 20 cm and are equipped with a long handle, also made of iron, forged by expert and wise blacksmiths of the area. You can buy them in all the craft shops of Lucca, Garfagnana and also in Lunigiana.

how you fill it:
bacon or mezzina
fresh cow's cheese

How to do it:
Mix the two flours together to mix them well and add water gently until you obtain a rather liquid batter.
Using a ladle, spread the batter over the hot, evenly greased heads to a thickness of about 2 mm and garnish with a piece of lard or ham rind. Or, if not garnished, once they are ready they can be stuffed with cheese.
It is cooked on hot coals, between the two cooked.
If you don't have charcoal, the gas from the cooker is fine too.