Mountain honey

Fri, 01/25/2019 - 12:32

montagna, altro


There are various types of honey produced in Haute Versilia and bring back the flavors and aromas of the mountains: chestnut with a rather liquid consistency, very slow crystallization, the color ranging from amber to dark brown, strong and persistent bitter taste, aromatic smell, strong and pungent.
The transparent water-white acacia can sometimes have yellow or green reflections, it has a very delicate sweet taste that can come close to that of ripe fruit, with a very persistent and fine aroma. The millefiori has a fluid and grainy consistency, a sweetish taste with a bitterish aftertaste and is characterized by the various blooms of the place where it is produced as the color gradations that can vary from yellow to greenish to brown-blue. The production is estimated around 60-80 quintals.



Among the honeys produced in Garfagnana the most representative is certainly the chestnut honey with a rather liquid consistency, brown color more or less accentuated and bright, bitter and strong taste, persistent smell and scent of forest. The alpine wildflower honey has a fluid and grainy consistency, with a sweetish and changeable taste according to the season, a bitterish aftertaste, the color can vary from yellow to greenish to brown-blue. It is produced from May until September. Spruce honeydew honey, liquid with a predominantly dark color, its taste is balsamic and is less sweet than nectar honeys. The smell is characteristic and is slightly resinous, with a hint of burnt wood comparable to that of caramelized sugar. The production of honey in Garfagnana is among the most renowned in Italy, represents a reality that is establishing itself year after year, constituting an income opportunity for farms operating in the area.