10 years of the farmers market in Lucca


Ten years of activity for the Boario Forum Market.

The farmer's market at the Foro Boario has turned 10 years. A place that has become over the years a real point of reference for many people from Lucca, thanks mainly to the 20 producers and farmers from all over the province.

To celebrate this important milestone an extraordinary edition of the market took place on Saturday, June 8, 2019 and an afternoon of celebration, fun, meeting and tasting. Starting with a conference on the present and future of agriculture and continuing with the tasting of the dishes prepared by some restaurant owners of Lucca with seasonal products. Many realities of the territory involved participated, from the Wine and Oil Route of Lucca, Montecarlo and Versilia, the Slow Food Orto in Condotta project for the educational, didactic and laboratory space, the Piana del Cibo and the agricultural institute Busdraghi, a forge of ideas and projects for the sustainable development of the territory, and the Passaglia high school engaged in musical entertainment with its jazz orchestra.

The farmers' market is one of the city's pride and joy and guarantees quality and enhancement of the products of the land. They expose and sell only the typical, traditional and local products, characterized by territoriality, organoleptic quality, typicality, price transparency, respect for healthiness, eco-sustainability and traceability of the production process.

Until September 30, the appointment with the farmers' market doubles: not only on Saturday it will be possible to buy the many local products on sale, but the operators in the sector replicate with a midweek day - Wednesday. During the summer, in fact, the abundance and faster ripening of fruit and vegetables give more opportunities to sell the goods.