Viva Lucca Viva


A tasty tour of Lucca, a break during shopping, a way to get to know the city better, beyond art and history, taking advantage of the many flavours and good opportunities for a snack, a dinner, a snack, an aperitif, a thought for the friend who stayed at home or an important purchase...

Viva Luca Viva is a proposal to get to know the city through a circuit of shops, bars and restaurants.

A proposal ... advantageous because from the first purchase or first consumption triggers a chain of discounts and promotions.  From Thursday 15th October to Sunday 22nd November Viva Lucca Viva, the new project launched by the Shopping Centre Città di Lucca di Confcommercio under the patronage of the Municipality of Lucca will take you on an "itinerary" of 50 activities in the historical centre of Lucca

At the first passage/purchase in each of the participating activities you will receive, in addition to the tax receipt, a 'receipt holder' to be shown and then delivered to any other shop, bar or restaurant that participates in the initiative and is part of the circuit.

With this, at the second purchase/consumption you can receive a 15% discount on the purchase in shops, a second free drink in a bar, a free bottle of local wine at the end of the meal.

Discounts will be delivered until November 15th, but will then be expendable until November 22nd.

Here are the activities that join the initiative:

Clothing and accessorise

Falconeri - Via Fillungo 81 - knitwear and precious yarns
Generale Lee - Via Fillungo 145 - young clothing
Il panda lab - Via Fillungo 90 - shoes and ccessorises
Lovable - Via san Paolino 29 - lingerie
Milani -Via Fillungo 26 - sport clothing
Il Panda - Via Fillungo 119 - shoes and clothing
Pelletteria Innocenti - Via santa Croce 14 - bags and accessories
Premium - Via Fillungo 123 - shoes, clothing and accessories
Reo Galante - Via di Poggio 30 - man clothing
Studio 12 - Via Buia 24 - man clothing
Tally Weijl -Piazza san Michele 28 - woman clothing
Tenucci- Via Pescheria 19 - clothing
Zazzi - Via Fillungo 128 - handmade artistic textiles


Arena - Via Michele Rosi, 19 - perfumery


Bianchi Romano - Via San Paolino 44 - lightnening, home ideas
Casa del bottone - Via Michele Rosi, 9 - sewing equipment and accessories

Costume jewellery

Barsanti  - Via Beccheria 14 - designer costume jewellery and scarves
Shanti - Via San Paolino 53 - ethnic jewellery and accessories
Marrakech - Via Fillungo 94 - costume jewellery, Raspini exclusive
Marrakech - Piazza Anfiteatro 24 - brand jewellery


Gioielleria Pedonesi - Via Fillungo 187 - brand jewellery and watches
Oreficeria Roventini Lutiano - Piazza san Michele 35 - jewellery


Tabaccheria - Via Vittorio Emanuele II 40 - smokers accessories
Enoteca Vanni - Piazza san Salvatore - enotheque and bar


Bar del Sole - Via Nuova 28
Bar Lo stellario - Piazza san Francesco 46
Bar Magellano - Via dell'Olivo 3
Bar San Michele - Piazza san Michele 1
Bar Santa Zita - Piazza san Frediano 4
Bar Turandot - Piazza san Michele 8
Bollicina - Piazza dell'Anfiteatro 45
Caffè risretto - Via san Giorgio 8
Caffè Tessieri- Via santa Croce 35
Franklin 33 - Via san Giorgio 43
Il mago fusion Toscna - Via Vittorio Emanuele  II 32
Lebowsy - Piazza san Michele 14
Plaza - Piazza Napoleone 31
San Colombano - Baluardo san Colombano

hotel and restaurants

ArtEspressa- Via dell'Anfiteatro 59
Bistrot il Cuore - Via del Battistero 2
Buca di Sant'Antonio - Vicolo della Cervia 3
Gigi Trattoria - Piazza del Carmine 7
Hotel La Luna - Corte Compagni 12
La parte degli angeli - Via degli Angeli 23
L'Angolo Tondo - Piazza Anfiteatro, 51
Orti di Via Elisa - Via Elisa 17
Osteria dal Manzo - Via Cesare Battisti 28
Peperosa - Piazza dell'Anfiteatro 4
Ristorante del Giglio - Piazza del Giglio 2
Ristorante il Mecenate - Via del Fosso 94
Ristorante san Bartholomeo - Via dell'Anfiteatro 23