Eccellent truffle of Lucca


It is news of a few weeks ago the establishment of a new geographical area of origin of the Tuscan white truffle of Lucca, which is in addition to the other five historical Tuscan areas of Mugello, Casentino, Colline Sanminiatesi, Val Tiberina and Crete Senesi.

Tuscany has many areas rich in soils where various species of truffle grow: the black truffle that is mainly found in the Apennine area, the white truffle of San Giovanni d'Asso and the hills around Volterra, but the most important area remains San Miniato, the capital of the white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) of central Italy, which provides a quality product competitive with the most famous one of Alba.

The collection of truffles has a rather pronounced tradition and already since the end of the thirties there is a culture of truffle collection and a deep rootedness in the territory, also demonstrated by the number of truffle hunters present, gathered in associations of collectors or in consortia of protection that promote the improvement of truffle ecosystems, the management of truffle-grounds and the enhancement of the product with the awareness that "culture" of truffles is synonymous with well-being, living nature and good living.

The territory of Lucca turns out very productive in the comparisons of the white truffle that, from a alimentary point of view, is in absolute the most valuable and searched for among the edible ones. It is possible to find the precious tuber in the territories of Lucca, Capannori and Porcari, near clayey soils, near ditches and woods populated by poplars, willows, lime trees, oaks and hazelnuts, with which the mushroom is inextricably associated to bear fruit and regenerate.

The harvest goes from September until the end of the year and for the research it is necessary to dig even up to half a meter deep with the help of trusted four-legged friends rigorously trained ... and perhaps not everyone knows that once upon a time in addition to dogs were also used pigs!

The size of the precious fruit is that of a walnut and the weight varies from a few grams to a few ounces, rarely reach the kilo. The color ranges from gray to yellow ocher and the smell is strong and penetrating. This particular type of truffle can cost up to 3000 euros per kilo!

For this reason the best way to taste its intense and fragrant aroma is to use it especially grated on a hot plate. A few flakes of fresh truffle are enough to embellish and make special even the simplest foods: from pasta to white risotto with little seasoning to enhance even more the flavor of the flakes grated on top, to pizza or focaccia, not forgetting the fresh eggs cooked with the bull's eye.

If you are a lover, truffles go well with anything and never disappoint expectations! A real "diamond" from the earth to the kitchen that gives value and elegance to your table!

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Truffle in Tuscany