Taste of History at Domus Romana


In the suggestive and welcoming environment of the Domus, between Roman walls and Renaissance vaults, it is possible to participate all year round to buffet tastings, lunches and dinners on menus and recipes from the Roman era. In the Calix (chalice) you can taste the Idromele or aquamulsa, an alcoholic drink produced by the fermentation of honey ... or try the Libum, the Bread of the Gods, a spelt flour focaccia cooked on bay leaves.

The Casa del Fanciullo sul Delfino, Domus Romana of the 1st century BC, is an archaeological site, a real house-museum discovered in 2012 during the renovation of the basement of Palazzo Orsucci in the centre of Lucca.

It preserves wall structures and finds of over 2000 years: besides bringing to light an important page of the History of Lucca of the Roman era dating back to the first century B.C., it also presents significant architectural evidence of the Longobard, Medieval and Renaissance periods.

Here you can admire the evolution of building techniques throughout history. Objects of daily life and votive offerings have been found: among the most valuable are a bronze fibula from the Augustan age, a sestertium coined by the Emperor Tiberius in 14 A.D. and a terracotta frieze from which the Domus itself takes its name, depicting two cherubs riding two dolphins towards the head of a gorgon.

But it does not end here.

All that remains is to taste these delicacies of ancient Rome.