Bean Giallorino from Garfagnana

Fri, 08/10/2018

Legumes and Cereals

Giallorino bean is typical of the Garfagnana. Pods have a fresh green color intense, that pale yellow color when mature. Inside there are contained, on average, 6-7 pale yellow beans, small/medium size and oval shape. The seeds are sown in May, harvested in late July. The production technique is the classic of all the beans: a file is sown and watered in case of need and very often grows together with “formentone” (eight row corn).
The gathering takes place from late July to late September. Is produced at the household level largely for their own consumption and only partly marketed directly. The production is limited although it is well known and appreciated in the local area for its taste and for its thin skin but resistant to cooking. According to tradition is preserved in containers with pepper and bay leaf. Is used as a dry legume and cooked as a side dish especially for cod and sausage or, more rarely, as a base for vegetable soups.