Sea ​​and Freshwater’s Fish

Anchovy, dormouse white, gray mullet, mullet copper, bonito, scabbard fish, blue whiting, sardine, horse mackerel white, horse mackerel larger breed of sand. Fish poor, forgotten and rediscovered. But it has great nutritional properties, is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates is inexpensive and very tasty. It is simply the blue Mediterranean fish often caught using traditional techniques, non-invasive that you can buy fresh every day to markets on the coast.

It’s always been a fundamental ingredient of the diet of fishermen and their families for the goodness and quality of its meat, never abandoned by the restaurants of the coast and also recently re-evaluated in the kitchens of great chefs for its remarkable quality.

Rainbow trout is characteristic of mountain streams and lakes is bred in mountainous areas of Garfagnana where the water of the streams is still clear and pure. Is prepared in a simple way to appreciate the incomparable tenderness and its delicate flavor.