Federica’s salami

Artigiani del Gusto

Federica Bertolini, has a workshop specializing in the production of salami in Garfagnana.
The sausages are fresh sausages and sold immediately or after a few days of production: sausage, nuggets, sausage, pig’s feet and pork sausage.
The sausages are cured sausages or pieces sold after a maturation which varies from 2 weeks to 4-5 months depending on the product: salami, sausage, savory mushroom, truffle delicacy, spicy sausage, wild boar salami, mondiola of Garfagnana, pancetta, coppa, tenderloin, bacon, schooner bow.
I cooked meats provide in the machining cycle a cooking meats ranging from half an hour to 3 hours in a special boiler: biroldo of garfagnana, brawn, brawn in the head, sweet and savory puddings.

We distribute our products only retail stores in all of the Garfagnana, our isolated location brings the benefits of clean air and tranquility but does not allow us a different organization. The mountain Argegna is a beautiful place to live, work, and go for walks; we work every day to produce and distribute our products to retailers and restaurants in the area.

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